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Nutrition Month 2018 is always about healthy meals and responsible gambling. Most of our clients are individuals that have gambling addiction that causes health problems due to improper diet.

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is defined by doctors and psychologists as the compulsive desire to gamble with monetary stakes. In the International Classification of Diseases, gambling addiction is classified as a mental illness from the group of abnormal habits and impulse control disorders. At the same time, gambling addiction is classified as a non-substance-related addiction or dependence disease.

Healthy food and gaming balance

The treatment of gambling addiction usually requires a multimodal approach. On the one hand, it is a matter of gaining insight into the addictive disorder and working out alternative behavioural patterns in psychotherapy. In this context, cognitive behavioural therapy has proven particularly effective.

On the other hand, gambling addicts usually need further support during preferably inpatient therapy. Sociotherapeutic support helps, for example, to regulate debts, find a new job or a new flat.

Together with our addiction therapists, you work your personal path out of addiction.

Our sports and physiotherapists, occupational therapists as well as cultural educators train your performance, endurance, flexibility, and creativity with you.

Our common goal is for you to regain a healthy feeling for your body and to take pleasure in your own activities.

Gambling addiction causes problems with health due to improper diet. Our experts can help you to re-establish a proper diet plan. 

Our aim is to encourage people, to show them how strong they really are and how powerful their body’s self-healing powers are. We want people to realise how they can actively shape and influence their lives, their happiness, and their health.

Our experts

Eating healthy does not mean giving up good things, but replacing them with better things. What tastes good is good. No question about it. Better is what tastes good and at the same time is good for the body. Our team of experts definitely knows how to be healthy and play online games responsibly.

Dr. Thomas Kortenem

Medical director and head physician

Specialist in internal medicine

Frances Trümper

Social Worker, Social and Addiction Therapist

Specialist in internal medicine

Arno Berni

Gambling Expert

Gambling specialist with extensive experience in the field of gambling