Our Missions

Nutrition Month 2018 is about informing individuals about responsible gambling. Our experts do their best to help avoid gambling addiction and explain the necessity of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

According to the latest researches, online casino games in particular have a great potential for addiction. The visual stimuli, the rapid succession of games, and gambling for virtual money exert a great fascination. Some players lose touch with reality and ignore the fact that there is real money behind the virtual losses.

Help for gambling addicts

The Nutrition Month 2018 supports those affected by problems with digital gambling offers. Here are three selected offers:

Counselling on the phone: Our team offers personal and anonymous telephone counselling on the topic of gambling addiction under the free phone number. Affected persons, relatives, and friends can get answers to their questions and individual support.

Information and self-test: In addition to information on the risks of gambling, we also offer an online self-test with which one can critically examine one’s own gambling behaviour. Relatives and friends of those affected can also find tips here.

Online program: At Nutrition Month 2018, we also provide an evaluated online counselling program that helps people to change their own behaviour. “Check out”, as the program is called, accompanies people with gambling problems over four weeks and offers, among other things, a weekly chat with a therapeutically qualified counselling team.

Healthy eating as a healthy lifestyle

One of our main missions is to explain the necessity of a healthy lifestyle. When an individual has problems with gambling or is even gambling-addicted, he or she has problems with a meal. The absence of healthy eating can seriously damage the whole organism. Our professional nutritionists developed a special program on how to eat tasty and healthy food, full of vitamins. This program consists of several steps that, by the way, have a good therapeutic influence on gambling addiction treatment. 

Step 1: Create your overview.

Your first task: Decide how you want to record your meals for the week. You can either go high-tech with a spreadsheet on your computer or go old-school with a notebook and paper.

Step 2: Do the math.

Eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day will reduce the risk of getting too hungry.

Step 3: Plan with pleasure.

It’s also very helpful to think about your plans for the week ahead: do you have a date coming up, a drink after work, or Sunday brunch? The beauty of the system is that it gives you the flexibility to spend your budget the way you want.

Step 4: Balance is key.

Whether you cook at home or eat outdoor, make sure that each meal is balanced: throughout the day – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources.

Such changes in eating habits will keep you feeling satisfied and happy.

At Nutrition Month 2018, we are sure that our programs and healthy life propaganda will change the lives of many people for the better!